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Tweaker 88W All Tube Head

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The Tweaker 88 is sure to satisfy the most demanding tone junky.  

This 88-watt powerhouse delivers a hot dose of addictive tone via a bigger box, bigger tubes and a bigger sound. 

Bruce Egnater took everything great about the Tweaker and made it…..bigger!  The 13 Tweaker switches offer a seemingly endless palette of tonal variations.

Add to this, an innovative dual-channel boost function and you get a quasi four channel amp that will satisfy your jones for tone.

The boost can either be clean or a volume + gain boost for your soaring solos.  Hand selected KT88 tubes allow you to revel in the lush classic cleans and shred through the intense overdrive. 

  • 88-Watt All-Tube Amp
    Premium Tubes: 2 x KT-88 & 4 x 12AX7
  • Bass, Middle & Treble Controls
  • AC, British or American Voicing Switch
  • Rhythm & Lead Channels with:
    * Volume & Gain
    * Selectable Clean Boost or * Volume + Gain Boost
    * Tight & Bright Voicing Switches
    * Vintage / Modern Amp Voicing Switch
    * Clean / Hot Gain Selector
    * Mid Cut Switch
  • Buffered Effects Loop with Level Selector
  • Footswitch for Channel Select, Effects Loop


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